Anything can happen!!

Hey, everybody!!! Long time, no see!!!

Just to catch y’all up to speed…Chad and I are in Colorado for the summer! YAY!

We are working (and living) at a campground in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and it’s SO beautiful here! OMG!

(Only problem is that one of my MANY fears is…BEARS! And they definitely call these mountains home! Ahhhhh!!!!)


We just LOVE all of the biking and outdoorsy activities in this area!!! So, we pretty much spend ALL of our free time OUTDOORS!

It’s been a looooong time since we’ve hit the mountain bike trails, though, because I’ve been recovering from some post-viral symptoms, so Chad was SUPER excited for us to finally get back out there the other day.

Sooooo… you can imagine the disappointment I felt when… just a few minutes into our ride, I whizzed by a huge mound of bear poop! Ugh!!! 😫🐻

Chad was riding a bit ahead of me, and he just kept pedaling (surely hoping with all of his might that I wouldn’t notice it because he knows darn well there’s no WAY I would keep riding if I did)!!!

I call out to him to wait up. Sure enough, he’d seen it and hoped that I hadn’t!! 🤣🤣🤣 (Ha! I just KNEW it!!!)

I see all joy instantly drain from his face as he politely (??) asks if I’d like to turn back. Without hesitation, I’m like, “uhhhh…YES!” 🚴‍♀️💨

Buuuuut…then I remembered these darn ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN bands on my wrist, and I just KNEW that I needed to readjust my perception… 🤔

I remind myself that if “ANYTHING can happen,” then it MUST be possible for me to finish this ride without being mauled by a bear…and hopefully without even SEEING one! Ya know, just like the MAJORITY of people who wander the trails in bear country.

Much to Chad’s delight, I decide to (try to) press on. 💪🤗 It definitely wasn’t “pretty” at first…I heard a LOT of “bears rustling in the bushes”! And, since you weren’t there… you have ZERO proof that I was ringing my bike bell like a maniac! Lmao!!! But, I was out THERE riding!! 👏👏👏

Eventually, even iiiiiii was annoyed by the sound of my own bike bell!! So, it was time to adjust my mindset even further…

I realized that…if “ANYTHING can happen,” then it MUST be possible for me to relax and enjoy this ride…without FEAR!!!! 🧘‍♀️😌 Wow…THAT proposal was a MUCH harder sell to my nervous system!!! But, eventually I got there! And, boy was THAT version of the ride WAY more fun!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (Scroll down for more pics from this beautiful ride at Lory State Park…)

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Grab a set for yourself…or order a set as a gift…or BOTH! 🙃

Either way, keep scrolling down to see even more of that Colorado beauty I promised…

We are really trying to soak it all in because in about a month, we are heading back to Arizona for the winter!


Hawks & Owls Swooping Right Over Our Heads!!

christy-and-rv-in-pacific-groveAs many of you know, my hubby Chad and I are from Omaha, NE…but 5 years ago, we decided to sell our property there…buy an RV…and hit the road!

I haven’t blogged much about our travels because: (1) this blog was originally intended to be about natural foods, (2) we’ve been really busy exploring, experiencing and photographing new things…and (3) we’ve often had limited or no internet along the way.

But, now we are sitting still for a while… living in our RV and working at a campground along the coast of California. So I’m finally sitting down (with my newly-acquired, awesome unlimited internet access) to share some of our most amazing experiences and photos from along our journey. I hope you enjoy the ride and the evolution of the content here!

Oh, and don’t worry…we’ll still be doing the natural foods thing here, too! Just with a sprinkle of RV life, nature and wildlife photos and experiences, and anything else that makes my heart sing! 🙂

Harris's Hawk

Okay, so onto the hawks and owls…

Wow! We had an absolutely amazing time at the “Raptor Free Flight” show at the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ (see video below)! Please, please, please add this to your “bucket list” if you love birds!

The trainers of these hawks and owls have taught them to swoop right over the heads of the audience – and you could feel the breeze from their wings! It was incredible!

a IMG_1565I couldn’t catch every swoop on camera…it was tricky with so much going on….but you’ll see some good examples every minute or 2 in the footage below.

These birds are highly trained, yet free to leave (for the wild) if they so choose. That’s explained by the trainer near the end of this video.

Luckily, they choose to stick around to perform awe-inspiring shows like this!

They are not tethered or wearing bracelets or anything…just “free flight” amazing-ness out in the open desert. We stuck around for both 30-minute shows that day, so this is just a taste of the full hour of experience we had.

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE raptors, so you can imagine I was in complete heaven that afternoon!!!!

Have you ever attended a show like this? I’d love to hear about it below!!